About Bob Sherman

My photographic passion is the pursuit of capturing the true essence of who we are and the world around us. It is my belief that the separation we feel from the world and each other is an illusion created by our ignorance and fear. As this illusion fades what remains is the spirit that connects us all. I conceptualize this spirit as the light of love.

In my portraits I desire to capture a moment that reveals an aspect of the inner life of the individual. In my landscapes I seek to not only reveal the inherent beauty of the earth but also a moment that will allow us a sense of connection to something much larger than ourselves.

You can contact me directly at info@bobshermanphotography.com or by phoning me at 615 376 1988.

I strongly encourage you to comment on the shots or feel free to ask me questions. It is my hope that somewhere within these moments you will be able to both experience the wonder and beauty that surrounds us and also feel a sense of connection with that beauty.